What is the meaning of comprehensive coverage?

Comprehensive insurance is coverage that helps pay for the replacement or repair of your vehicle in the event of theft or damage in an incident other than a collision. Comprehensive coverage, sometimes called non-collision coverage, generally covers damage caused by fire, vandalism, or the fall of objects (such as a tree or hail). Think of comprehensive coverage like bad luck insurance for your car. It pays for damage to your vehicle caused by just about anything, except for a traffic accident or a rollover.

This includes a series of random events that are beyond your control, from a broken windshield or a hail dent to explosions or damage caused by riots. Even if you decide that comprehensive insurance is worth taking out for now, check out this calculator as your car ages and you get new car insurance quotes. Each state has its own minimum car insurance requirements, so you'll need to purchase those types of coverage along with comprehensive coverage. Comprehensive car insurance reimburses you for repairing or replacing your car after non-traffic-related causes, such as fire, vandalism, or hitting a deer.

That's why it's best to consider full coverage insurance (which includes comprehensive, collision, and state-required types of coverage) when comparing the cost of comprehensive car insurance. Since you also pay for rental reimbursement coverage in your car insurance policy (an add-on that is normally only available after purchasing comprehensive insurance and collision insurance), your insurer covers the cost of the rental car while yours is in the garage. So, as long as you're not financing or leasing your car and have enough cash to cover unexpected repair or replacement costs, you might want to consider ditching comprehensive insurance if your car isn't worth much. Comprehensive car insurance covers a variety of accidents that are not related to traffic and isn't always simple.

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