What auto insurance is required by law in massachusetts?

A compilation of laws, regulations, cases and web sources on motor vehicle insurance law, Massachusetts laws · Massachusetts regulations · Selected cases · Web sources. Remember that once you reach your policy limits, you'll be in financial trouble, so higher insurance limits can help protect your personal assets in the event of a serious accident. In addition to the minimum requirements, you can also choose comprehensive and collision coverage, neither of which is required by law. According to Nolo, a no-fault insurance system means that drivers must have their own financial protection.

Massachusetts car insurance laws require that all drivers have a minimum level of car insurance coverage when driving or parking on public roads. Massachusetts law defines the amount of insurance you must purchase; at a minimum, you must have four types of coverage. The purpose of Massachusetts's no-fault law is to streamline the administration of car accident claims and to prevent courts from filing lawsuits that obstruct the courts associated with some of the smaller injury cases. Massachusetts is one of 16 states (at the time of writing this blog post) that follow some type of “no-fault” car insurance system.

If you cannot find an insurance company that is willing to sign you a policy, an insurance company will be assigned to you through the MAIP. But if you weren't at fault for the accident and if the insurance doesn't cover all your expenses, the only other option could be to file a personal injury lawsuit against the other driver. Whether you're planning to move to Massachusetts or have been a resident for several years, it's smart to know even the mildest insurance laws. It includes the new car insurance system, the purchase of car insurance, discounts under the new system, and more.

There's no way to predict exactly what your insurance premium might be until you talk to an insurance agent and get a quote. The Massachusetts Auto Insurance Plan (MAIP), sometimes called the Assigned Risk Fund, is a way for drivers to get car insurance if they can't find a company in the voluntary market. With offices in Chelsea and Salem, MA, Spada Law Group provides quality legal representation in Boston without having to travel to the city, with free on-site or validated parking. This policy now serves as an advisory document that each insurance company can adopt, in whole or in part, and modify it to specify the insurance company's coverage and regulations.

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