How can i update the information on another vehicle on my geico policy in fall river?

If you live together, your insurance company may ask you to include your partner in your car insurance policy. If this provision appears in your policy documents and you didn't make it, the insurance company can make the change automatically if it discovers that you have another member of the household. Rarely, the insurer may consider this fraud, but only if you intentionally hid the information (in the case of a claim, for example). Insurance companies once prohibited unmarried couples and domestic partners from sharing auto insurance policies.

If you and your partner have a vehicle, Car Insurance Comparation recommends including it as a qualified driver in your car insurance policy. Many auto insurance companies now offer policies for unmarried couples with names like non-family insurance, roommate insurance, unmarried insurance, and domestic partnership insurance. For years, GEICO has strived to make the process of buying and renewing insurance as simple as possible. In addition, if you sometimes drive your partner's vehicle, you can't insure that car and get coverage unless the owner of the car also appears on your policy.

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