Does progressive car insurance offer discounts for taking a defensive driving course in boston?

Progressive doesn't advertise any defensive driving discounts on its website, but you might still be able to get one. Progressive can reduce your rates by approximately 5% if you complete an approved defensive driving course and meet certain requirements. You may need to be a certain age, have a clean driving record, take the course voluntarily (not by court order), or meet other state-specific criteria to be eligible. You'll need to talk directly to a Progressive representative to find out the rules of where you live.

It's fair to ask: “Does Progressive insurance offer discounts for driving while on the defensive? Fortunately, the answer is yes. The full-payment discount offers a special discount for the policyholder who pays their auto insurance premium in a single payment, instead of month-to-month, as most people do. Your request for a car insurance quote also provides you with information about the discounts you qualify for. This information may be different from what you see when you visit the website of an insurance provider, insurance agency, or insurance company.

An independent insurance agent works much differently than a private insurance company because they may try to sell many different types of insurance plans from many different insurance companies. The actual value of the continuing insurance discount offered by Progressive will depend on how long you have been insured without interruptions or cancellations of car insurance policies. If you're a Progressive employee, keep in mind that Progressive employee discounts are also worth considering. Progressive also offers an easy-to-use app and website where you can pay bills and file insurance claims.

The accident forgiveness discount is available to policyholders who have had a Progressive auto insurance policy for four years and have remained accident free for three of those consecutive years. Defensive driving is typically aimed at young and older drivers who may have higher car insurance premiums, but a defensive driving discount can be offered to people of all ages. You can also qualify for a multi-policy discount if you combine your home and auto insurance with Progressive. Progressive's spokesperson, Flo, shows fictitious customers that, by using the Progressive website, they can customize the insurance they need, set their own insurance price, and compare Progressive's insurance rates with those of other leading auto insurance companies.

After choosing the car insurance company with the best car insurance rates, find out how well your company rates, among others. With its complementary auto insurance coverage options, Progressive offers roadside assistance, car rental reimbursements, and custom parts and equipment coverage. Car insurance premium rates are regulated by state governments based on standard risk factors, such as age, years of driving experience, the type of vehicle being driven and where it is parked.

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