Do you have to call police after a minor car accident in massachusetts?

In Massachusetts, you are not required to call the police after a car accident. This includes both minor crashes that only involve property damage and collisions that cause more serious injuries. However, calling 911 after a car accident is often a good idea. You should report your injury to the police immediately after the accident.

In addition, you will have five days after the accident to send an accident report to the RMV. Next, you should report your injury to your insurer as soon as possible. Different insurers will have different time frames for filing claims. Finally, you will generally have three years from the date of your accident to file a car accident lawsuit in court.

Even if you think you weren't injured in a car accident, or if you think your injuries weren't that serious, you should seek medical attention after an accident. In addition, calling the police can be critical in situations where the other driver is uninsured or has violated the law in some way. As soon as you can, call your insurance company right away, but only to report that the accident occurred. If the statute of limitations deadline approaches, it may be time to discuss your situation with an experienced Massachusetts car accident lawyer.

After you report an injury in a car accident, the police report is often one of the first pieces of information investigated by an insurance company. The curiosity factor often causes other cars to slow down and view the scene of an accident from both sides of the road. If you can circumvent no-fault restrictions and file a lawsuit after a car accident, you should ensure that you meet the statute of limitations filing deadline. Not only is the comparative negligence rule binding on Massachusetts judges and juries (if your car accident case goes to court), but it will also serve as a guide to the auto insurance claims adjuster when evaluating your case.

Nor should you talk to other people involved in the accident, or to your insurance company or lawyers, without first obtaining legal advice from qualified car accident lawyers, such as The Law Offices of William D. If you were injured because of a car accident in Massachusetts, get help filing the necessary reports. A car accident is a terrifying experience regardless of the severity of the injuries or property damage involved. Accident victims who represent themselves after car accidents tend to accept financial settlements too soon and for too little amount.

Massachusetts follows a modified comparative fault rule when it is determined that both parties share the fault for an accident. Insurance companies have different time frames for filing a claim, so check your insurance policy for more details.

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