Are there any special discounts for taking a driver safety course on car insurance in massachusetts?

Discounts on defensive driving insurance in Massachusetts Insurance companies generally offer a discount of between 5% and 20%. Most drivers will receive a 10% discount on liability insurance premiums once they complete a defensive driving course in Massachusetts. New drivers are eligible for a discount if they have taken a basic driver training course. In addition, some companies offer a specific discount or consider it a preferential qualifying factor if you have completed an advanced qualified driver training program, that is, insurance companies offer specific discounts, grant account credits, or consider a variety of preferential qualifying factors that you may or may not be eligible for and that may lower your car insurance premium.

You can generally save up to 20% on your car insurance when your auto and home policies (home, condo, or renters) are with the same insurance company. Most major auto insurance companies offer discounts to drivers who take a defensive driving course, except Progressive.

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