Are there any restrictions on what type of vehicles i can rent through my policy through geico while on vacation with car insurance in new bedford?

If you have a policy for homeowners, renters, or condominiums, your personal items will generally be covered even if they are stolen from a rental car. Review your policy documents to make sure before choosing or refusing this coverage. Ask AutoSlash for a quote for a cheap car rental. In the case of an accident in a rental vehicle, you pay the deductible for your car insurance policy and then your insurance covers the rest, up to the limit of your policy.

Two claims in one year can significantly increase your insurance rates, so you may want to exercise caution and purchase insurance. Or, if you're looking for a new car policy, compare car insurance and find out why GEICO is the right choice. In most cases, collision damage exemptions also offer “loss of use” coverage if the car rental company charges for the time a damaged car cannot be used because it is being repaired. Since rental car insurance isn't something most of us deal with on a daily basis, it's easy to get confused or overwhelmed when presented with the option of this type of coverage.

The first step is to review your car insurance policy or contact your provider to see what type of rental vehicle coverage is already included in your personal auto insurance policy. Even when you have a level of coverage, there are times when it's best to buy additional rental car insurance anyway. Then, you get a clipboard with an intimidating car rental contract full of confusing insurance options. How does your coverage for uninsured drivers apply if an accident occurs while driving a rental car and the person at fault is not insured? When you rent a car at the airport or another car rental agency, you will be asked if you want to add insurance to your rental or if you want to exempt it from insurance.

Geico confirmed that they don't cover cars rented through Turo, at least with respect to my California policy. If you have Geico car insurance for your main vehicle, the good news is that you have coverage for rental cars. It may give you peace of mind to shell out car rental insurance and know that you won't pay more than that amount. Read on to learn some basic facts about rental car insurance and whether or not you need additional coverage beyond your personal auto insurance policy.

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