Are there any discounts available for safe drivers in cambridge?

That makes it the most generous offer available from a major company. State Farm is announcing discounts of up to 50% for some drivers and 30% for most drivers. This makes it the most generous offer available from a major national insurer and a great way to reduce State Farm's already affordable rates. However, to get this impressive discount, you must agree to continuous monitoring of your performance, which can drain your phone's battery and lead to privacy issues.

State Farm also includes more behaviors in your driving score than other programs, so there are more variables that could detract from your discount, such as driving during peak hours and using the phone. When you sign up, you will automatically receive a 2% participation discount on your insurance, which will depend on your driving score*. You must complete 5 trips within 90 days to receive a driving score and keep your Community Drive discount. If you currently receive a low mileage discount on your auto insurance for keeping your annual mileage below 7,500 miles, but the odometer readings show that you actually drive more, State Farm may increase your rates to match your actual mileage.

Because the Drive Safe & Save technology follows the car and not the driver, you can decide if you want to include all cars and all drivers in your policy or just one. State Farm already offers some of the cheapest car insurance available, and by allowing Drive Safe & Save to monitor your performance, you can get even cheaper premiums.

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